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Let's Explore Humanity Marketing

Why are some brands loved, and some ignored?

Today, serious brands invest in the latest technology, tracking mountains of data and utilize the most effective media channels. Essentially, they do all the right things.

With all these tools at their disposal, they’re often surprised that they’re still not connecting at the deepest level with their customer!


What happens when you invest in all the right things & people still dont care? Why, really, are some brands loved and others ignored?

John MarketingChief Marketing Officer, Brand X
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Here's Why --

Brands Are About Relationships

And relationships are about feelings. Some brands end up making us feel indifferent, or feel nothing at all!

Great brands have a certain something - an emotional appeal - they CONNECT.

They feel more... Human.

Here At

Catalog Philippines…

...We use a people first approach to building brands. We call it humanity marketing. It's the art of making brands more human.

We dont believe we're selling to a target audience, a demographic or even names on a mailing list.

What we do is connect with real people in real ways.

We get out there

Walk the streets, talk to folks

We spend time watching people and culture, walking city streets & actually talking to people. We don't sit behind our desks and assume we have all the answers.

Then, we try to make the brand feel more human. ↓

The winning formula

People Connect With People. Period.

You can't be a faceless company making a transaction anymore. You must act and behave like someone who cares. PEOPLE CONNECT WITH PEOPLE.

And guess what? Your products and your margins and your integrated operations and all your data do not come first.

Brands that recognize this and act more human themselves are the ones who are winning.

That is Humanity Marketing - its simply the better way to do it.

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