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You Are What They See!

People Want Good Design!

Consumers will make a decision about your brand within the first 7 seconds of encountering it for the first time.


You are what they SEE! Oftentimes, design is the only thing that can separate your brand and products from the sea of sameness.

Bill CarrChief Marketing Officer, Bang Retail
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Here's Why --

7 Seconds!

The emphasis is on good design. From brand to product design, visual packaging, photography to the catalog itself - brands who are winning today are the ones founded on design. Design cannot be an afterthought in 21st century commerce.

People are judging you

based on what they see…

You can clearly standout today by using catalog design as the best way to combat competition and stay away from comoditization.

Get smart and adopt this unfair advantage - a visual shortcut of a shoppable, digital catalog that upgrades your entire design experience, boosting discovery + sales.

How We Do It?

Walk the streets, talk to folks

We spend time watching people and culture, walking city streets & actually talking to people. We don't sit behind our desks and assume we have all the answers.

Then, we try to make the brand feel more human. ↓

The winning formula

People Connect With People. Period.

You can't be a faceless company making a transaction anymore. You must act and behave like someone who cares. PEOPLE CONNECT WITH PEOPLE.

And guess what? Your products and your margins and your integrated operations and all your data do not come first.

Brands that recognize this and act more human themselves are the ones who are winning.

That is Humanity Marketing - its simply the better way to do it.

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